Would DART be able to support slip?

Hi, I am working for openrobotics, and we are currently trying to fix an issue related to steering for differential drive with DART.

We have pinpointed the issue down to the support for slip, which is implemented in ODE and specified here: http://ode.org/wiki/index.php?title=Manual#Contact.

I am wondering would DART be able to support slip as well, or is it incompatible? Thanks!


The force dependent slit (FDS) seems to be able to be added to DART by reading the ODE manual you pointed out. It would require three changes in DART to the tire slip phenomenon:

  • support multiple contact models (currently only one model is supported)
  • add FDS model
  • make frictional directions explicitly configurable

I can’t promise a strict timeline at this moment but will try to add this within a few weeks.



Thanks for looking into this. In terms of supporting multiple contact models; I’ve noticed that ODE and Bullet both have defined sets of flags for enabling different solver modes and/or contact parameters:


So I think it would be worth considering that as a design choice.

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Thank you for the references! Let me consider incorporating those mode in the implementation.

I’m using the following as my development branch: