Wheel collisional and contact issues

Hello, I am using DART to simulate a wheeled humanoid unstable robot, and I need to have a realistic behaviour for the wheels. For instance, there must be no slipping on the ground, and the wheels must be as smooth as possible. However, while the first condition is satisfied, the standard cylinder mesh in the URDF model seem to be very rough looking at the collisional behaviour (it feels like it is approximated with few polygons, while visually it seems quite smooth), producing large impacts and vibrations during motion. I tried solving using a mesh created with CAD with many subdivisions, and while it is smoother and produces less vibrations, it has sticking problems (sometimes it gets stuck in the ground).
However I think that it would be better to use the standard cylinder mesh, but is there a way to improve its collisional behaviour and make it as smooth as possible?
Thank you in advance.

Try using the Bullet collision engine. It provides very smooth collision detection for the shape primitives (cylinder, sphere, box). As far as I know, the other collision engines convert the objects into meshes (with low resolution) and hence you get un-smooth collision behavior.

My issue in the Gazebo forum is related: https://answers.gazebosim.org/question/26318/dart-sphere-behaves-like-a-cube/

Thank you very much! Very helpful!