What's the basic data unit used in dart?

What’s the basic length unit used in dart?

meter or centimeter?

Or more specifically, what system of units is used in dart?

Strictly speaking, the units can be whatever you want, as long as you use them consistently throughout the whole simulation. That means the units used for length, mass, moment of inertia, gravity, and joint forces all need to be consistent with each other.

So if you decide to use centimeters and grams, then you need to make sure your models are all scaled in centimeters, your masses are all scaled in grams, your moment of inertia elements are scaled in g * cm^2, your gravity is scaled in cm/s^2, and your joint forces are scaled like g * cm/s^2 for prismatic joints, g * cm^2/s^2 for revolute joints, etc.

But to make life easy for yourself, I recommend sticking to meters and kilograms.

Thanks, i also prefer meters and kilograms