What is the correspondence of different dartpy repositories?


In particular is https://github.com/sehoonha/pydart2.git and dartpy built from dart 6.9 related?

Can I easily upgrade from former to latter?


pydart2 and dartpy are two distinct Python bindings. They use different binding tools (pydart2 uses swig while dartpy pybind11), and their Python APIs are not compatible, unfortunately.

Yes, perhaps for future equally confused as myself: At the moment of speaking pydart2 is unsupported, 1 year behind, its based on old dart 6.3 and python apis are incomplete even with respect to that version. Unfortunately it has more examples of gym integration under separate repo (again, not official one). As for dartpy, it is based on most recent versions of dart 6.9 an its python apis seem complete. It feels most reasonable to me to prefer latter.