SoftBodyNodeUniqueProperties from mesh shape

Hi, everyone!
Is there a correct way (or any way) to create SoftBodyNodeUniqueProperties from mesh file by code? SoftBodyNodeHelper is used only for simple forms, so I’m stuck. I’ve tried copying faces of mesh to SoftBodyNodeUniqueProperties by addFace() function but it’s not enough to make it work.
I guess I have to handle PointMasses and maybe something else, but for now I don’t understand how to do that.
Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

I believe the soft body implementation in DART was experimental, made for a research project. It wasn’t particularly designed to work with arbitrary meshes.

If it’s something you need, you could edit the DART source code and add another helper function to SoftBodyNodeHelper that consumes a mesh. I don’t think there are any inherent barriers to implementing it; it just hasn’t ever been a priority for us to develop and support.


I see, thank you very much for your answer!