Joint for translation + single-axis rotation?

Hi all. Is there a joint that allows to constraint the motion of a body to pure translation along x,y,z (like the translational joint) and rotation around a single axis (let’s say the z-axis)?. If there’s not a joint that supports this, could it be created using the GenericJoint as a starter?, or is there an approach I could use to obtain this behavior?.

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If it weren’t for needing a z-translation, then the PlanarJoint would be perfect.

If you really do need 3 DOFs of translation and one DOF of rotation, then I recommend using a TranslationalJoint combined with a RevoluteJoint attached by some kind of massless dummy link.

It’s possible to implement your own GenericJoint derivative, but it’s likely to be a lot more effort than you might expect (there’s potentially a lot of math involved), and the end result should theoretically be the same as combining the joints the way I’ve described above.

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Thanks @grey, I’ll give the dummy link a try :+1:. Yeah, the planar joint would be perfect, but I kind of need those 3 axis of translation :sweat_smile: