How to set lightning and mesh colors

Hi everyone,

I imported a robot’s geometry via the URDF file importer.
Now, the robot is colored in grey/white.

  • Is there a way to set and change the mesh color (preferably for each body node differently)?
  • Is there a way to change the lighning, shadows and other rendering properties?
  • I even have texture files (png format) for each body node. Is it possible to load/import those as well?

Best regards from Germany

Hello @mxbuschi!

I am not sure if it is possible to change the mesh profile for URDF links via DART. In our lab, for each URDF link we also have a mesh file that describes it visually. i.e. in the URDF file

<link name = "link1">
<visual> <geometry> <mesh filename="path/to/meshfile.dae" /> <geometry> <visual>

Where we create these mesh files (*dae files) via Blender (a design suite). This allows us to color our object and apply textures. I am sure you can design these in CAD software and export them as dae files as well.

As for your second question, it might be possible through the OSG interface, tho I have not personally messed around with changing the lighting, shadows, etc.

You can probably incorporate these texture files when creating the dae files using Blender or other similar software.