How to mimic MetaSkeleton.setCommand under pydart2?


I am using dart python bindings for the sake of leveraging OpenAI Gym with Dart. I have noticed the version of Dart used for this setup is 6.3. I am trying to port from cpp an example which I have setup for Dart release-7.0. One of the main hurdles is missing MetaSkeleton with setCommand which I used to control Servo joints. What would be best way to mimic this API? I tried just to use setVelocities but the behaviour is far from the same… It seems that this API is available in dart 6.3 but not exposed in dartpy as per which was used for OpenAI Gym setup.


I just added what I needed to swig interface and seems relatively fine…

Glad you found the solution! It would be awesome if you submit the solution to the pydart2 repo.

For the record, this forum is to support dartpy, the official Python binding, and gym-dart is OpenAI Gym environments for dartpy. gym-dart is relatively new, and any contribution is welcome.

Thanks. I think there is lots of confusing information out there. For instance, pydart2 also has its gym-dart counterpart with installation guide and unfortunately, despite being unsupported, I managed to google it first on my journey of discovery. Perhaps some red line on author’s on wikis/readmes would be helpful? As for update, I am not very sure if author would be interested as project is obsolete. Generally, I also believe it would be better for community for one repo set to exist.