Dartpy: SoftBodyNode


I am working at a project, in that i need to prepare a cable model. It is expected that i create a cable model, which has stiffness and damping coefficient. I can do it in dartpy with combination of ball joint, prismatic joints and rigid bodies. However i am curious about if i can do this with SoftBodyNode too? I have using the following code to create a BodyNode and Joint pair:

# Joint properties
ball_joint_prop = dart.dynamics.BallJointProperties()
ball_joint_prop.mName = self.name + '_ball_joint'
ball_joint_prop.mRestPositions = np.ones(3) * self.rest_position
ball_joint_prop.mDampingCoefficients = np.ones(3) * self.damping
ball_joint_prop.mSpringStiffnesses = np.ones(3) * self.stiffness

# Setting up the translation for the ball joint
ball_joint_prop.mT_ParentBodyToJoint.translate([0, 0, self.length])

# Properties for the body node
ball_body_aspect_prop = dart.dynamics.BodyNodeAspectProperties(self.name + 'ball_joint_cable')
ball_body_prop = dart.dynamics.BodyNodeProperties(ball_body_aspect_prop)

# Create Joint-Body pair
[joint, body] = chain.createBallJointAndBodyNodePair(self.parent, ball_joint_prop, ball_body_prop)

This create a BodyNode and joint pair. Is there anyway that i can create a SoftBodyNode instead of BodyNode in dartpy?