Code inspection support


I use the dartpy API in PyCharm to implement a rigid body simulation. While PyCharm is really good at code inspection and can usually infer parameter and return types from python APIs, it fails at dartpy’s bindings. It always reports the return type None which is wrong in many cases (it should either report the correct return type or no return type, but not a wrong one).
I wonder, if there is a trick to get code inspection working again. This would allow auto-completion and documentation quick tips. This is especially useful for beginners new to the API.

As a temporary workaround one can use manual typing, e.g. like the following:

body: BodyNode
joint: BallJoint
joint, body = skeleton.createBallJointAndBodyNodePair(parent, joint_properties, body_properties)

Constructors work by the way, but no member functions. If this problem can be solved using some changes in DART’s usage of pybind, an issue might be more appropriate, but I was unsure whether this is a problem with my setup, DART or pybind.

I don’t have a good answer but came across this comment. Would this be helpful?

Thanks for the link. The link to the script seems broken, but at least I know now that it is a pybind problem. Let’s hope this issue will be resolved or that I have time later ^^ At least I do not have time for debugging this right now :wink: